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Reports/Sample Reports

Our full reports are court-ready documents, fully researched, and have proven to stand the test of skilled expert witness cross-examination.

Building Code, Electrical Code, Gas Utilization Code, TSSA Regulations and other applicable guidelines will be referenced in the report in the likely event of contraventions. The permit application process, contractual obligations of the contractor and other construction processes will all be taken into consideration.

We are always available to you and your legal counsel over the phone or by email at no extra expense.


Questions to ask yourself:

Is your contractor making changes to the project without your knowledge or consent?

Is there improper substitution of materials?

Are they submitting materials specified in the contract?

Are they using intimidation tactics?

Are they demanding more money before continuing?

Are they threatening to remove already completed work if you don’t advance more money?

Did they say you don’t need a written contract?

Are they not practising proper safe procedures and leaving you with an unsafe site?

Do they have liability and WSIB coverage?

Do you need help in identifying construction defects and incomplete items?

Do you need a totally biased opinion on the work carried out /or the level of workmanship?

Do you need someone who can work with your legal counsel to prepare a statement of claim or defence?

Do you want to have access to a team, with over 100 hours of construction experience and over 50,000 home inspections?

Do you need assistance in dismissing your contractor?

Do you want an unbiased opinion on whether your concerns are legitimate and worth proceeding with legal action?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may need our services.


See Legal Report Sample below: