Our Investigation Process

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1. Information Gathering

  • Addressing concerns with clients
  • A review of available documents and plans
  • Consulting with other experts if required

2. Site Visit

  • Extensive photograph inventory is taken
  • Identification of incomplete work
  • Identification of work completed in a deficient manner
  • Documenting of unsafe site conditions

3. Identification of Construction Defects and Damages

  • A review of site to ensure project is adhering to the plans and specifications
  • Poor workmanship issues
  • Defective or substitution of supplied materials
  • Further intrusive investigation of site by other experts may be required

4. Document Review

  • Contract review
  • Drawings review, approved plan & specifications
  • Change work order review (if applicable)
  • Municipal inspection reports
  • Review of stop work orders
  • Review of court documents & pleading
  • Invalid charges
  • Billing irregularities
  • Progress payment audit
  • Review of correspondence between parties

5. Report Production

  • Documentation of events
  • Compiling a chronology of events
  • Cross-checking applicable building code references
  • Itemization of financial damages
  • Incomplete work
  • Invalid extra charges
  • Over billing
  • Work/materials provided in non-compliance with plans
  • Extensive digital photographic catalogue

See Legal Report Sample below: